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Data privacy

To the extent that the Internet allows the possibility of introducing personal data (email address, name, home address, etc.), such introduction of data will be voluntary. Personal data will only be used for the internal processing of your wishes and demands, and the applicable legal provisions with regard to data privacy protection will be respected at all times during the gathering, use and processing of personal data. Only in legally binding cases will data be made accessible to governmental authorities. Our employees are obligated to respect confidentiality.

Piwik analytic services

Our web page uses Piwik, an open-source web analytic service. This service uses cookies. You can find more information on cookies in the respective paragraph. Your IP address will be made anonymous by Piwik. The information gathered throughout the use of this website will not be forwarded to third parties. If you do not agree with the storage and evaluation of the data from your visit, you can object to the storage and use in the box in the column on the right. A click in the respective box will suffice. A so-called opt-out-cookie will then be filed in your browser, which will then lead Piwik to not gather any data from your session. It may however happen that the use of several of this website’s functions is limited.

Attention: If you delete your cookies the opt-out-cookie will eventually also be erased and must then be requested again.

Information, erasure, closure

Needless to say, you have the right, at all times, to free information about your personal data, the origin of those data and the recipient of the data, as well as to information about the goal of the data processing. You also have the right to correction, closure or erasure of these data. For that purpose, please refer to the address provided in the imprint. You can also refer to this address if you have any further questions about personal data.


Our Internet sites use so-called cookies. The latter are small text data sets that your browser stores and that can therefore be found in your computer. These data can cause no damage and contain no viruses. Cookies serve the purpose of making our offer more user-friendly, more effective and more secure. The majority of the cookies we use are so-called session cookies. These cookies disappear after your visit and the browser erases them automatically. Other cookies, in contrast, remain stored in your device until you erase them. These cookies make it possible for us to recognize your browser during your next visit. In the settings of your browser you should find several cookie options: for example, you can choose to be informed every time that a cookie is filed and thus be able to either allow it or not. In addition, you can enable your browser to automatically erase all cookies at the end of each session. The functionality of this website can be limited if you do not allow the use of cookies.


If you use our contact form, the information that you indicate on it will be stored for the purpose of processing your request. These data will not be forwarded without your consent.


If you allow us to use your email address to send you our newsletter, you can still cancel the newsletter at any time, for example by clicking on the “cancel” link in the newsletter.
Your email address and your other data will not be forwarded without your consent.


The website provider gather and stores information automatically in so-called server-logs. These data contain information that your browser sends us automatically. These are:

- Operating System
- Type of browser and version of the browser
- Host name
- URL referrer
- Date and time

These data are usually not attributable to any specific person. It is not foreseen to link these data to other data sources. The provider needs these data in order to analyze and correct mistakes that may appear during the provision of its services.
We reserve the right to check data after the fact in the case that we notice concrete indications of an illegal use.

Payment information

Credit cards and other payment information are never stored by Green-Zones but exclusively by the associated payment service providers.