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Here we have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions by foreigners about the environmental areas in Germany.

1. Are motorised vehicle prohibitions in German environmental areas also valid for foreign vehicles without tags?

Yes, the traffic signs that mark the entrance to an environmental zone belong to the general traffic indicators in effect for everyone and also apply to foreign vehicles.

2. How can I acquire a tag as the owner of a foreign-registered vehicle?

Generally, at the same locations as all registered vehicles in Germany; at the vehicle registration office, the engineers' associations, such as the Technical Inspection Authority or Dekra and at all workshops in Germany licensed to do an EI (Emissions-Inspection). It is of course easier to order the tag online here.

3. Do I necessarily need a tag to drive my car to Germany??

No, now and in the future, you can drive into Germany without a tag and move around freely in Germany. However, you are not allowed to drive into the designated environmental zones.

4. What happens to me as a foreigner if I do drive into an environmental zone without a tag?

In some environmental zones - for example in Cologne - there are transitional rules in the beginning, but after that and in other environmental zones - such as Berlin - you must figure with a fine of € 80.-

5. I am a foreign coach operator and often transport tourists to Berlin and Cologne and organise city tours there. What do I have to do?

Unfortunately, you also have to purchase an environmental sticker. You can buy an environmental sticker from us at our Foreign Cars shop online. Of course, you can also drive to Germany and visit a suitable garage and check to see whether you can obtain a sticker.

6. Do I also need the environmental badge on German highways?

No, also in the future you are allowed to drive into Germany without it and use all highways for free. But you are not allowed to drive into the marked green zones.

7. How much time does need to deliver my ordered environmental badge?

This depends on the duration of the post from Germany to the delivery place, which we can not control. After receipt of your order, the copy of your vehicle registration papers and your payment we need three to four working day for review, issue and dispatch of your environmental badge. If we will not receive your registration papers by E-mail but by fax or post, the processing will take two to three days longer. Always under the condition that the registration papers are readable and contain all necessary details.

8. Where do I stick the badge and how long is it valid?

Stick your badge in the lower right corner of your windscreen (seen from inside). If your licence plate is not changing and your windscree not broken, the following applies: The green badge is valid for the entire life of your vehicle. The yellow and the red badges are valid as long as the respective green zones in Germany will allow this. Usually it will be handled like this: about 1 to 2 years after the start of the green zone will the entrance no longer be allowed with a red or yellow badge.

9. Is it possible to order several badges at once as a company? And is it possible to pay without a credit card?

Yes, then use our fleet service. Here you have the possibility to transfer the amount in advance. Furthermore the amount can be calculated without German VAT if you possess a VAT identification number. Our prices are following a quantity scale. So you can make considerable savings by ordering badges for serveral vehicles at once.

10. Why can I not check in advance whether I will get a badge and if, in which colour?

If you will get a badge and which kind (green, yellow or red) depends from the amount of fine dust your vehicle emits. This can normally be seen in your registration papers by an expert. Concerning 47 European countries this is not standardized. But the staff of our partners, who are issuing the badges for us, is specifically and extensively trained.

11. Why is the official badge more expensive for foreigners than for Germans? This is an unacceptable discrimination of foreigners!

We are not an authority but a private company. Our goal is to ease the consequences of the introduction of environmental zones in Germany for both citizens and foreigners. We will provide the possibility for everyone to order the needed badges from home and to receive them at home. Therefore we make considerable efforts to translate the latest information and our website into 14 languages and to train the staff for understanding the registration papers of all European countries. Due to German law we are free to calculate our prices as a dispatcher.

12. I actually have to drive to Germany in the next two days. How can I go about obtaining an environmental sticker immediately?

Various shipment options are available when it comes to ordering an environmental sticker. If your order is received by 1pm and our Express option 1 has been selected, the order can be processed the very same day and also be shipped via post within Germany or abroad the same day.
There are also other options. When selecting Express options 1 and 2, we ship the order by post express delivery so that the environmental sticker is guaranteed to be delivered the following day. This only applies to a ship-to address in Germany. When placing an order, foreigners can specify a ship-to address in Germany, e.g. a hotel so that the environmental sticker is already there for collection when you arrive in Germany.

German environmental badges UMWELTPLAKETTE for German environmental zones

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Environmental-Badges / Exhaust-Sticker for environmental zones in Austria

Danish environmental badges ECOSTICKER for Danish environmental zones

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The Green-Zones GmbH and the GEMB mbH registered in Berlin/Germany acts in information, consulting and trading for climate protection and environment.

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Green Zones:

With its websites,, and, Green Zones provides information on the topics of fine particles, the environment and the subsequent increasing traffic restrictions in European countries due to the establishment of environmental zones.

Given the fact that such information is provided neither in a central nor, in our opinion, in a sufficient way by public authorities in Europe and the respective countries, we inform hereto for free on our websites.

We cover our expenditures and staff expenses as well as the substantial costs related to the maintenance of up to 35 different foreign websites with the purchase of environmental badges for private persons and enterprises. These are at the moment the German Umweltplakette, the Austrian Umweltpickerl and the Danish Ecosticker (domestic or foreign car needs these environmental badges for driving within the respective designated zones in these countries). Further national badges will follow in the next years, example like the Blue Badge (Nitrogen Oxide Badge) in Germany or environmental zones in France or Czechia.


Through the websites and, Emissionshä is working in the areas of the compulsory emissions trading in Poland, Germany and Austria. Since December 2005, Emissionshä deals with CO2-certificates/emissions rights (purchase, sale and exchange) for companies at various energy stock exchanges in Europe as well as via bilateral trade.

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Climate Company, with its website, buys and compensates CO2-emission rights for private persons and companies that are not taking part to the compulsory emission trading system of the European Union.

Climate Company provides information about climate change, climate protection and CO2-free car driving (so-called CO2-compensation). Furthermore, Climate Company offers for private persons the purchase of climate gifts and climate neutrality. In this way, every individual can take an active part in the European trading system for emission rights or get involved in international projects for climate protection – in any case, do something for our climate and our future.

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